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發布日期:2019-11-28 瀏覽次數:239 作者: 編輯:

主題:Workshop on economic modelling and its application



主持人:Hashim Zameer



Time Series Analysis, Estimations and Interpretations 

Mehmet Balcilar,Eastern Mediterranean University、Department of Economics


 Cointegration and Error Correction Models, Estimations and Interpretations 

Muhammad Shahbaz,Beijing Institute of Technology


Testing For Cointegration, Estimations and Interpretations 

Mehmet Balcilar,Eastern Mediterranean University、Department of Economics


VECM Analysis, Estimations and Interpretations 

Aviral Kumar Tiwari,Rajagiri Business School (RBS)


Structural Break Unit root testing, Estimations and Interpretations 

Muhammad Wasif Zafar,Comsats University Pakistan、Postdoc Fellow Shenzhen University


(a) Innovative Accounting Approach, (b) Structural Break Unit root test, Estimations and Interpretations

Aviral Kumar Tiwari,Rajagiri Business School (RBS)


Panel Estimations tests, Analysis and Interpretations

Muhammad Shahbaz,Beijing Institute of Technology


1)Mehmet Balcilar is Professor and Chair, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Economics, Famagusta, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Prior to joining EMU, he served as extraordinary Professor, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa. He received Ph.D., Economics (Econometrics), from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, US. His areas of specialization include time series analysis, econometrics, macroeconomics, financial economics, risk analysis, applied statistics and field survey. He has published in various journals of international repute including top ranked journals. His previous researches have featured in journals such as Journal of Economic Asymmetries, Applied Economics, Energy Economics, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, International Review of Economics & Finance, Resources Policy, and many others. He has been conferred the Best Research and Contribution Award, Manas University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 2004, Research Recognition Award, Cukurova University, Adana Turkey 2005, Dean’s List, Wayne State University, Graduate School, Detroit, Michigan, US 1996. 

2)Prof. Muhammad Shahbaz is a senior research fellow at Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, Full Professor at School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing. He previously served as Chair Professor of Energy and Sustainable Development at Montpellier Business School France. His research focuses on development economics, environmental economics, financial economics, energy finance and energy economics. He has published more than 300 research papers in SCI and SSCI journals with 550 cumulative impact factor, and is among the world’s top 15 authors in Economics as compiled by IDEAS, and among the top 5 authors in Economics in developing countries, as declared by David McKenzie, Chief Economist of the World Bank. His publications appeared in leading journals such as Economic Modeling, Journal of Cleaner Production and Energy Policy. He has been cited more than 13000 times as per report of Google Scholar. He is currently Editor of Environmental Science and Pollution Research (SCI), Associate Editor of Resources Policy (SSCI), Subject Editor of Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money (SSCI) and Emerging Markets Review (SSCI). He is also Guest Editor of Journal of Environmental Management (SSCI), Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal (SSCI) and Resources Policy (SSCI).

3)Aviral Kumar Tiwari is Associate Professor at Rajagiri Business School (RBS), India. Prior to joining RBS, he served as Associate Professor at Montpellier Business School, France, and as an Assistant Professor at IBS Hyderabad, India. After graduating with a degree in Economics from Lucknow University, Lucknow, India, he received his M.Phil (in Labour Economics) and PhD (in Energy and Environment) from ICFAI University Tripura. His research interests focus on various issues concerning energy, environment, tourism, macroeconomy and growth & development. He has published in various journals of international repute including top ranked journals in the prestigious Financial Times 50 list. His previous researches have featured in journals such as Journal of Business Ethics, Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research, Economics Letters, Energy Economics, International Review of Financial Analysis, Economic Modelling and many others. He has been conferred the Best Researcher Award, 2015 by GRABS Educational Charitable Trust, Chennai and a prestigious Prof. M J Manohar Rao Award for 2014 from The Indian Econometric Society for his outstanding research contributions.

4)Muhammad Wasif Zafar is Postdoc research fellow at Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China. Prior to joining Shenzhen University, he has done PhD from Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), China. He has completed his PhD in Management Science and Engineering specializing in Energy Economics and Energy Finance. Before that, he was serving as a faculty member in COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan. His research interest focus on various issues concerning, energy economic, energy finance, environmental economics, financial economic, and family firms. He has published manuscript in various journal, for example, Journal of Cleaner Production, Resources Policy, Environmental Science and Pollution research, and Energy reports.  



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